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Below a selection of SmartGames for young children. Please note that the recommended age is just an indication. There is a very big difference between what different children can do at a specific age, especially when they are very young.  And this is not related to intelligence and changes constantly. If a game is still too hard, just put it away for a few months and try again later.


Do your children spend too much time in front of screens? SmartGames are a perfect alternative for smartphones, tablets or tv. You can solve them alone or together, anywhere, anytime. Each SmartGame includes at least 48 challenges with progressive difficulty.  


Bunny Boo

The object of this game is to combine different wooden blocks, so that the result matches what is shown on a challenge card. Although the blocks look very simple, there are always more options than you would imagine. When you play this game together with a child, not only their spatial insight and motor skills are trained, but also their language. Is the bunny in, on or on top of the blue, red or yellow block?

Safari Park JR.

This  SmartGame is both a toy and a puzzle game. Very young children will use it as a simple shape sorter or track tracer.  For older children (3+) there card with challenges: Move the animals to the right place on the game board, so that their position matches with the picture shown on the challenge card.  Be aware that the giraffes don’t fit underneath the trees or rainbow, the elephant doesn’t go through the grass or over the rocks and the lion doesn’t like the water.


Three Little Piggies Deluxe

This cute preschool game includes 3 big puzzle pieces with the houses of the piggies. There are 24 challenges where the object of the game is to place the puzzle pieces on the game board without covering the pigs. And there are 24 challenges (with the wolf) where you need to place the pieces with houses on top of the pigs, so that they are safe inside. Like all other “Deluxe” SmartGames, this game also includes a picture book with the fairy tale.

Brain Train

This game is 3 toys in 1: a toy train, a shape sorter and a logic game. Young children can try to fit the shapes into the wagons or just play with the train. Older children can solve any of the 48 challenges that show a side view or top view of the train. As the challenges become harder, less information is given (you only get the shape or the color of some blocks). When you solve everything correctly all wagons will be connected.

Sleeping Beauty Deluxe

This puzzle game is “a-mazing”! The game board is made of 5 different pieces. This allows you to create a new, different maze for each of the 60 challenges. In half of the challenges you play for the knight and/or princess. Can you find the path to the castle?  In the other 30 challenges you play for the dragon and need to block all paths to the castle by strategicaly placing the puzzle piece with the dragon on the right place in the maze. Includes also a picture book with the fairy tale. 

Trucky 3

This game includes 3 wooden vehicles with see-through cargo space. Trucky 3 is like a mini tangram puzzle but played vertically instead of horizontally. The trucks need to pick up packages, but will the load fit? There are 10 blocks in different shapes and colors. When the challenges become harder you need to fill up 2 or 3 trucks, but which puzzle piece needs to be placed in which truck? Also doubles as a toy. The transparent containers can be filled with sand, marbles, figurines…

Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe

The object of this game is to create a path so that Red Riding Hood can go the the house of her grandma. In half of the challenges you also need to make a second path for the wolf. The setup of a challenge is easy: just place the house, the girl (and wolf if needed) and some trees on the right place. There are 5 puzzle pieces with paths. This deluxe version also includes a picture book with the fairy tale.

Camelot Jr.

My favorite SmartGame. Can you build a path using the wooden blocks with stairways, so that the knight and princess can reunite?

This game starts really easy with only 1 block. But the master level will even challenge older kids and their parents! Part of the difficulty is that all the blocks need to be stable when you stack them.

Preschool puzzle game inspired by the fairy tale of Jack and the Giant.

Jack & The Beanstalk Deluxe

Once upon a time…

Discover the magic of the popular fairy tale with this dynamic 3D brain teaser for preschoolers. Can you help Jack climb up the beanstalk to the castle in the clouds? Can you drop the puzzle pieces down the beanstalk to match the image shown in the challenge? Watch out! The pieces will rotate as they fall down! Jack and the Beanstalk includes 48 challenges and also features a family-friendly picture book with a modern twist on the original story. It’s a clever combination of a puzzle and a toy (tumble down ladder toy)

SnowWhite Deluxe

This game is a first introduction to logic and the use of simple symbols. Each challenge gives you information about the location Snow White, the dwarves and the witch. The house has 3 rooms (a green, blue and orange room). The easy challenges show the interior of the house. The harder challenges show the exterior  with some windows closed. Can you find the right place for each figurine? Includes a picture book with the fairy tale.

SmartCar 5x5

This car with 5 big sturdy wooden blocks is a 3D puzzle. The object of the game is to assemble the correct car. Challenges show information about the position of some blocks. Harder challenges show less information. This game learns concepts like “front view”, “side view” and “top view”. Includes two challenge booklets, one for ages 4+ and one for ages 7+.

Chicken Shuffle Jr.

This is a 3x2 sliding puzzle with 3D chicken that includes 48 challenges printed on cards. Just place a challenge card in the bottom of the game board and start sliding. You found the solution when all eggs are covered by hens. 

Smart Farmer

Another game with only 3 puzzle pieces. In this game the puzzle pieces are fences that need to be placed on the game board. The object of the game is to divide the game board  so that horses, cows, sheep and pigs all have their own meadow. In the master level each animal also needs to have his own drinking trough.

Penguins Parade

A magnetic travel game with 2 blanc ice puzzle pieces and 4 pieces with penguins. The object of the game is to place all pieces on the game board so that the 4 penguins are lined up horizontally, vertically or diagonally. But of course you don’t know in which direction they will line up when you start.

Noah’s Ark

The object of this magnetic travel game is to place all animals in the ark. Animals of the same species should be placed adjacent (in pairs). Harder challenges give fewer hints.

Down the Rabbit Hole

A simple magnetic travel game with 48 challenges and cute animals that live underground. Place the rabbits, fox and/or badger on the game board as indicated in the challenge. Find the right place for the other brown “ground” puzzle pieces, so that each type of animal has its own burrow AND also has its own entrance.

5 Little Birds

Can you place the 5 birds on the right place and in the right orientation in the tree, following the clues given in the challenge? Although the box says 5 + and the STARTER challenges are doable for children of age 4 and up, most challenges are also interesting for older children and even adults.

Squirrels Go Nuts!

Help the squirrels to hide their acorns. An original sliding puzzle with an “aha” moment when an acorn drops inside a hole. The game board is compact and has a transparent lid, so you can keep everything together when on the go. Includes 60 challenges.

Penguins Pool Party

Can you fit the 4 puzzle pieces with ice in the water, without covering the swimming penguins? A compact puzzle game with an hexagonal grid. The concept is straight forward, finding the solution is not…

Puzzle Beach

On a busy day in summer the beach can be overcrowded. Can you help the children find their friends and beach toys? Connect the figurines and objects shown in the challenge, using the 5 puzzle pieces, but watch out that you don’t step on someone who is sunbathing! 

Brain Cheeser

Place the 8 cheese puzzle pieces on the game board without covering the mice. Empty holes in your cheese are allowed, but you can not create “half” holes, except on the border. Brain Cheeser is a cute magnetic travel game with 48 challenges in a portable format.

SmartCar Mini

This is a very small and more affordable version of SmartCar 5x5. All challenges are different to the original game, but the concept is similar: you need to build a car using the color hints given in the challenge. Some challenge show side views, other challenges show op top view, front view or a combination of different views. The new 2020 version includes an extra challenge booklet with completely different challenges that will also challenge older children and adults.

Plug & Play Puzzler

As the name suggest, this game is very straight forward. Take out all colored puzzle pieces and try to plug them back inside the white frame. Each of the 48 challenges show 1 side of a finalized cube, but can you make it complete. Very small and portable. The puzzle pieces are made of a soft material and are fun to manipulate.





Logic Game with 60 challenges!

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