SmartCar mini

Match the colors of the challenge and go for a ride.

The story behind the creation of SmartCar mini (for SmartGames) 

Raf Peeters, January 2019

This puzzle game is based on SmartCar 5x5, but is much, much smaller. I designed it because we could use a more affordable version. So it doesn’t replace the current SmartCar 5x5 game.  


The original SmartCar 5x5 has 5 wooden blocks. This Mini version has only 4 block in ABS plastics. These parts are identical to 2 blocks from Cube Puzzler Go, but in different colors.

3 blocks are L-shaped (made of 3 cubes), the fourth block is made of 5 cubes. This blue block is basically a combination of the blue and orange block from SmartCar 5x5. Because the blocks are different to the original game, all challenges are new.

The game includes a small booklet with only 24 challenges (SmartCar 5x5 has 96 challenges). But people can download 48 more challenges for free from the official website of SmartGames. 

Update 2020: This year we will update the SmartCar mini with an additional challenge booklet. This extra booklet adds 24 new challenges to the game, that are a lot harder than the existing one. People who bought the 2019 version can also download this new booklet (for ages 8 and up) on the official website of SmartGames at the bottom of the page.

example of a challenge and solution of SmartCar mini, a 3D puzzle game by SmartGames

example of an EXPERT challenge (left) and solution (right) of SmartCar Mini

Can you build a car acording to plan?


1) Select a challenge and place the blocks next to the car’s chassis.

2) Use the 4 blocks to build a car that matches the colors shown in the challenge. White squares in a challenge indicate the colors that are not revealed. Use deduction skills to figure out what colors should be placed!

• Starter challenges show a complete side view.

• Junior challenges show an incomplete side view.

• Expert challenges show an incomplete front, side and top view.

• Master challenges show an incomplete front and rear view.

3) There is only 1 solution, shown in the challenge booklet.

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