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Official website of SmartGames

If you lost a puzzle piece or have any other question related to customer support, don’t contact me but use this form on the official website.

Official USA website:

Official UK website:

Always a good starting point:                                

Robs Puzzle page”: one of the best overviews of old and new puzzles that I found on the web. To be sure you don’t miss anything, use the links to different classes of mechanical puzzles at the bottom of each page.

Geduldspiele”: another older overview of different puzzles. The gallery includes about 1,400 puzzles. Many of the puzzles shown are designed by German Puzzle designers like Silvia Heinz Matthes, Markus Goetz and Jean Claude Constantin.

Gabriel Fernandes” puzzle collection, an eclectic take on the fantastic world of mechanical puzzles, viewed from a collector’s point of view: blog by Gabriel Fernandes with in depth reviews of puzzle games and brainteasers.

The best iPhone, iPad puzzle apps and mechanical puzzles: blog by Tom Cutrofello.

Game reviews and news (French):

Game reviews and news (puzzles fall unfortunately outside the scope of BGG):

Oskar van Deventer (inventor of the SmartGame “Anti-Virus):

The Big Game Hunter: Games old and new — the history, the products, the companies and the people involved with board games, card games, skill & action games and parlor games.

Online version of  “The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections by Stewart T. Coffin":

Mazes and labyrinths:

The Puzzle Museum :old website of the World's finest collection of Mechanical Puzzles. Collection moved to the Puzzle Palace in Italy (see link below).

The Puzzle Palace: Blog by George and Roxanne Miller 

Free online games and puzzles here you can try out a lot of SmartGames in a digital version. An older collection of computer generated puzzles (java and javascript).

The Sliding Block Puzzle Page by Nick Baxter.

ClickMazes by Andrea Gilbert: Lots of unique interactive puzzles and mazes found here.

Other interesting links

Atelier Oker: ceramics (bowls, mugs, cups, etc) designed and handmade by my wife Jeannine Vrins in our  studio. They make great Christmas gifts, if you are looking for something more personal and unique than what you can find in regular shops. the website of my oldest son with his origami and other paper related work.

Heidi Persoon Traductions FR-NL: The website of my niece. She is a translator French-Dutch. She translated some pages of my old website to French. Her new website was made by me so I could learn “Sparkle” (the app used to build this website).

The website of my new colleague Alain Brobecker with the games he created and programs he wrote.

The website of Cameron Browne who helped me to calculate many other (older) SmartGames and the Luddii game project he is doing at the University of Maastricht.

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