Other Projects

 As a designer I can of course design other products besides  toys and games. But working as a product manager, I hardly have the time to work on anything else but SmartGames. Maybe some day in the future… Below are a few other designs I made in the past. One is a design for furniture I made for a contest.  I was second  and unfortunately there was only a price for the winner. But my own children played with it for almost a decade (after which I gave it to the son of my niece). When all parts are assembled, it’s big enough to double as an extra mattress for friends that stay over.

The other projects are related to my house and were designed in collaboration with my lovely wife who is also a designer (and a ceramist). For some reason all my  other designs look a little bit like puzzles …

Mobiel / Meubel: design for a contest ©2004 

Our kitchen ©2018

Our attic ©2013

This closet was inspired by Fibonacci. When you add the length of the smallest square to the length of the medium square, it results in the length of the bigger square, etc. Behind the white doors there is enough space for all the SmartGames I designed.

This gigantic closet is situated in my bedroom, which also doubles as my office. So it’s an inspiring place to work. The furniture maker was slightly less enthusiastic the first time I showed him my drawings, but did a wonderful job here and in our kitchen.

Our garden (2019)

The ground plan of our garden is based on a circle (instead of squares in the rest of the house). It’s inspired by the circle segment of  the window that looks out over the garden.  The garden is divided in different parts and circle segments created by “rays” that start at our garden door.  This is hard to see in these pictures. An aerial view would show it better.

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